Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Future Foot

Do not underestimate the power of the ATLAS sock


Yup, those are socks. They go on your feet.

But hear us out, these are far from any old socks. These are ATLAS Performance Socks, and you've absolutely never seen anything like them before.

Let's throw some numbers at you. The first one: $127,000. That's the amount of money ATLAS had raised at the time we wrote this for its $30,000-goal Kickstarter project. So yeah, people are digging these socks.

And why? Maybe it's because they're made from carbonized coffee — yes, the very same caffeinated sludge you require to function each day — which is engineered to absorb odor and wick away sweat. The manufacturer, Ministry of Supply, calls them "like a Brita Filter for your feet."

What's more, ATLAS socks — available in both dress and loafer cuts — are robotically knit for the ultimate in form-fitting comfort. Think of it like 3-D printing for your piggies.

Don't believe us? Believe ATLAS. They've got all sorts of fancy-looking charts and research over on their Kickstarter page.

But no, none of them suggest boiling your socks in case of caffeine emergencies.

ATLAS Performance Socks

Price: $28 for two pairs here, ships in November

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