Sunday, January 25, 2015

Cheap Tricks

The Buccaneer 3-D printer won't hurt your wallet


We know, you've heard it a ton before: "3-D printing is the future." Blah blah blah.

You tuned it right out because all those printers required a minor in engineering and at least a couple grand in walking-around money.

That is, until The Buccaneer.

At about $350, it is hands down the world's most affordable 3-D printer. And, with apologies to idiots and monkeys, it's so easy that a monkey could probably teach an idiot to use it.

The Buccaneer comes pre-assembled in a handsome box, looking less like an array of random parts and more like the old Power Mac G4 Cube. Your printing material sits in a tidy little spool at the top, so your carefully assembled desktop won't look at all mussed.

Sounds too easy? Fine, don't believe us. Check out the video here.

And then there's the software: The Buccaneer's Smart Objects design tool requires zero hours of complex learning. You simply click and drag to create whatever the hell your twisted mind comes up with.

We'll just let you take that ball and run with it.

The Buccaneer 3-D Printer

Price and availability: $349 and up (plus shipping) here, ships early 2014

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