Thursday, January 29, 2015

Super Vision

Warby Parker's new line goes Clark Kent


Everyone wants to be a superhero. Unless he's got bad taste.

The Green Lantern, Hawkman, The Phantom? Terrible style, terrible superheroes.

But Superman's got style. And clumsy or not, Clark Kent's secret identity allows him to work hard, then fight hard.

Or in your case, the tighter-looking your work persona, the more leeway you create for your own after-dark adventures.

Your secret identity rests with the eyewear masters at Warby Parker, who just debuted a small, limited-edition line inspired by the upcoming Man of Steel movie opening next month.

You've got two options for the newspaperman look:

The Chamberlain frames are bold, black, and square, with just a speck of blue on the hinges to hint at your inner Kal-El nature.

The rounded Percey frames, with a keyhole bridge and tortoise pattern, are a little bit subtler, the kind of glasses you'd expect to see in the Monocle newsroom. Like the Chamberlains, they feature a just-so subtle pop of red at the temple arm.

You wouldn't want to give away your secret identity, now would you?

Warby Parker Man of Steel Collection

Price: $95 (including prescription lenses) here

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