Sunday, January 25, 2015

What a Card

The ChargeCard is your pint-sized phone savior


There are a lot of products on the market touting emergency fuel for your phone. Most are pretty damn ugly, or at least ungainly.

Not so with the ChargeCard.

Like the name implies, this baby's the size of a standard credit card so it fits nicely into your wallet, where it lies dormant until you need it.

The result of an overwhelmingly successful Kickstarter project, the Chargecard works with iPods, iPads, and iPhone4s, with an iPhone5 model shipping later this month. And yes, you Apple haters, there's an Android model, too.

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All you do is plug the USB end into your computer to charge it up, and you're done. When your phone invariably runs out of juice, you've got a boost waiting in your back pocket.

Prevented forever: That late-night fail when she's trying to give you her number but your phone is dead.


Price: $25 here
Rundown Reward: Use code rundown for 5% off here

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