Monday, January 26, 2015

The Littlest Robot

Romo is coming for you children — and your heart


The robots are coming. There is no escape.

But you might as well start off with a cute one, even if it'll eventually join the robo-revolution and enslave mankind.

This one's named Romo, and no, your future overlords would not appreciate a Dallas Cowboys QB reference right now.

What began as an overwhelmingly successful Kickstarter project will be rolling into homes in the next couple weeks, powered by your iPhone.

The interface may be a bit simplistic for adults, but kids will get a kick out of programming Romo to smile, squeal, and chase them around the room. (Which does not bode well for mankind's future.)

Meanwhile, you can use Romo to video chat with members of your family; it has built-in facial recognition features that follow their faces so that they don't have to stoop down.

And we'll be damned if it isn't the cutest automaton we've ever seen. But that's how they get you, the robots.


Price: $149 here, shipping in June

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