Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Smoke Signals

Two new books will up your barbecue game


Your grill doesn't need infrared technology, a deep frier, and wireless speakers.

In fact, it doesn't need anything but fire. We've been cooking it with thousands of years. It can be trusted.

What you will need is some knowledge, which is where two new books on barbecue come in.

First up, Daniel Vaughn's The Prophets of Smoked Meat, which journeys through the wilderness of Texas barbecue — some bad, some good, and some phenomenal, with recipes from pit masters included. He details the regional styles with stops at smoke joints all over the state, imparting his wisdom on what truly separates just-OK meat from transformative 'cue.

And Vaughn, author of the Full Custom Gospel BBQ blog, knows his stuff — Anthony Bourdain has called him "the Yoda of Barbecue."

Also out of Texas is Time Byres’ Smoke: New Firewood Cooking, which goes deep into DIY barbecue, with plans included for building your own smokehouse or eight-foot pig roaster.

Less ambitious? Byres, who runs Smoke in Dallas, also keeps it simpler with recipes for homemade sausage, oxtail marmalade, and duck-stuffed tamales.

He even offers advice on how to smoke a pipe. Because no way infrared can help you with that.

The Prophets of Smoked Meat by Daniel Vaugn
Price: $20 here

Smoke: New Firewood Cooking by Tim Byres
Price: $25 here

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