Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Green Days

More Golf Today is the Gilt of golf sites


You can take most sports to the park. Toss a ball around, play a round of HORSE, and not a dollar spent.

Golf, not so much.

And because green fees are only the start of the sport's many required costs, More Golf Today is something of a godsend for anyone who digs more than just a round of putt-putt.

It follows the flash-deal model of Gilt and LivingSocial, offering new discounts on golf experiences and equipment every Monday.

Products include everything from apparel to energy bars — because you'll need some sugar to sustain you during five hours of fairway play — and experiences include both tee times at luxe courses and overnight stays and getaways in California (soon to expand to other states).

Deals for The Putting Doctor can help improve your game on the green (with a money-back guarantee, no less). And you wanna know how the pros can go 18 holes without looking like they've just been blasted in the face with a fire hose? They use RealXGear Cooling Towels, coming up on the site soon, which you douse with cold water but that remain dry to the touch. (Thanks to magic, we think.)

You never thought we'd get this excited about towels, did you?

More Golf Today

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