Saturday, January 31, 2015

Dot Paper

The Human Printer draws your photos by hand


When Instagram came along, it completely revolutionized the photographic aesthetic.

By which we mean every photo on the Internet now looks like it was shot through a jar of old beer. From the Wild West era. With a smudged lens.

But there are other, dare we suggest better, treatment options for your snaps, including the most laboriously anti-digital effect possible: hand-drawing, now available from The Human Printer.

It's the brainchild of two artists; Louise Naunton Morgan and Stina Gromark. They employ a team of printers who recreate your photos completely by hand in CMYK color. (That's cyan, magenta, yellow, and black for you design newbs. The "K" for black means "key.")

One Human Printer painstakingly fills in all of the cyan dots. Another fills in the magenta dots. And so on and so on, each drawing over the previous Printer’s layer until your image is completed.

The final picture takes some squinting, but that's sorta the whole point. Plus, now you've got custom artwork out of it.

Of course, should you want to go blurrier, you can always Instagram the results.

The Human Printer

Price: Dependent upon size and complexity, quote available upon request here

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