Monday, January 26, 2015

A Band Apart

Armour39 will tell you how hard you work out, or how hard you suck


Power is all relative.

So the juiced-up Austrian next to you at the gym can bench 40 more pounds than you. Does that mean he's getting a better workout?

Without Armour39, neither of you will ever know.

Consider this a Nike FitBand on steroids, but without the extra hair and shrunken bits downstairs. Armour39 fits snugly under your rib cage and monitors your heart rate, calories burned, and real-time intensity even better than an ECG.

It also tracks a proprietary metric called WillPower, which analyzes the length of your workout, changes in heart rate, ventilatory threshold, and even your body position. With it, you can see how serious your workouts really are on a scale of zero to 10.

You can also check any of your numbers during gym time on a smartphone or specialized watch, and track your progress from wuss to muscle-bound Adonis.

Suck on that, Hans.


Price: $150 here

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