Friday, January 30, 2015

AirPlay Station

These Nocs speakers were built to stream


If there's one glaring downside to the global mobile technology revolution, it's that our parents have no idea how to use it.

How many phone calls have you fielded from Mom asking you to print out her Facebook or how to Google cat diabetes?

And unless you want to book a week-long trip back home to play A/V repairman, don't even get her started on rigging up a home audio system. Just buy her the NS2 Air Monitors.

More affordable than the Sonos Playbar and even more portable, the NS2s are made by Nocs, a Swedish audio company that has a serious crush on Apple. Its smooth, colorful designs easily match the look of Mom's iPad and utilizes AirPlay to seamlessly stream sounds.

These tiny speakers pack a punch with a signal to noise ratio over 85 dB, which is more than capable of bringing to any party, both young and old. And they're tough. The cabinets are coated with matte rubber, and the woofers are reinforced with Kevlar.

With AirPlay, Mom can control multiple sets of these speakers all over the house. And because the technology is Apple-native, it's basically impossible to screw up.

But don't tell that to mom.

Nocs NS2 Air Monitors

Price: $450 here

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