Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Hair Apparent

Introducing Harry's, a shaving startup that shears everything but your bank balance


We like the dudes behind Warby Parker for two reasons.

1) They made glasses affordable, leaving us funds for top-shelf drink instead of shelling out for top-shelf eyewear, and 2) their specs make us look damn good (even if we're usually seeing double 'cause of all that top-shelf drinking).

And now they're moving south, at least anatomically, with their just-launched one-stop shave shop, Harry's, doing for your scruffy mug what they've done so well for your eyeballs.

They hate flagging down the grumpy attendant at the drugstore for overpriced blades just as much as we do. So they developed their own steel in collaboration with some very serious-looking Germans.

And their precision-engineered handles sport good looks that pose serious competition to a certain razor brand whose name rhymes with Shmart of Shmaving. But you won't believe what they cost. Do you want to guess? Go ahead, guess.

$10. Ten whole American dollars. And the high-end version? Only $20.

The blades go for as little as $1.56, putting the big boys in the razor business in a very precarious situation once news of Harry's takes off. And their shaving cream, made with marula and coconut oils, keeps your skin and hair supple, while again leaving your wallet relatively full.

We have never been so excited about shaving in our lives.


Price: Handles $10-20; blades $2 or less; shave sets $15-25

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