Sunday, February 1, 2015

Mist Connection

ArcherMen room spray is dude perfume for your pad


Have your man candles already burned down to nubbins?

Not to worry, because ArcherMen's dude-focused room sprays will refresh even the gamiest of pads, no open flame required.

The Distillery scent combines a heady mix of sour mash, charred oak, and bourbon.

But as delicious as that sounds, you must try your very hardest not to spray it directly into your mouth.

Ditto with the self-explanatory European Sports Car scent, which puts to shame those overly synthetic new-car-smell air fresheners with the cologne of worn leather and aftershave. (You're on your own with the requisite Ukrainian model, though.)

And the gun-powdery Hunting Lodge is perhaps most fit for those evenings when, absent a freshly dressed animal carcass, you want to feel a little mountain-mannish as you dive in to a small mountain of bacon and binge-watch Duck Dynasty on Netflix.

Or you know, House of Cards or something.

ArcherMen Room Spray

Price: $14-42 here

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