Sunday, January 25, 2015

No Smoking

The PAX vaporizer won't leave you breathless, and that's good


Stoners love to say they drive "better high than sober" and science is proving that might not be so far off.

Meantime, science has been busy pulling nights in the lab working on something else for smokers.

It's a healthy alternative to those deep drags, and no, it's not an e-cigarette that makes you look like you're sucking on a laser pointer. PAX is a new vaporizer that bears likeness to a certain landmark portable music player out of Cupertino. And like that gadget, PAX has buttons and pleasing lights and a high capacity for addictive behaviors.

It's basically what Captain Kirk would use to smoke.

You load up your plant material of choice — no judgments here, but it is designed for tobacco — in the rear "oven," which features a lid with two powerful magnets. You then select one of three heat settings, none of which reach combustion temperature, and wait for your PAX to warm up.

Then you just kick back with a pleasing, tasty hit of vapor (with the right tobacco, it reminds us a little of sheesha), which may not exactly be healthy, but is still healthier than inhaling lung-bucketfuls of smoke.

PAX comes in three colors and commands a high price tag — just like that portable music player. But converting your habit might save you money in the long run — in New York, it's basically the cost of a carton — and give your airways a little recess from the coffin nails.


Price: $250 here

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