Saturday, January 31, 2015

Nice Rug

Thomas Tramp puts some flash on your floor


Resolution #13: Fix up the apartment.

So far, so good. You found real furniture to replace your wobbly IKEA desk. You ditched the poster prints for bona fide art. But why do you still have a beer-stained shag smelling up your floor?

Please meet Thomas Tramp, whose badass rug designs will really tie your room together like shag never could.

Each of the company's pure Tibetan wool floor coverings is crafted by fair-trade hands in Nepal, with an amazing selection of designs. Choose from abstract patterns (snakeskin, cracked windows, checkerboards), or more graphic depictions of Soviet imagery, Mickey Mouse skulls, and Winston Churchill -- whose sneer might make the OBEY giant run for cover.

Since all of the rugs are handmade, the possibilities are quite literally endless. You can choose almost any color, and opt for silk, viscose, or hemp instead of wool (which is made from sheep that graze about 13,000 feet up in the Himalayas) in sizes extending up to 11.5 x 13 feet.

Of course, Tramp will also create a bespoke design for your rug if you're so inclined.

In which case you'll definitely not want to let German nihilists anywhere near it.

Thomas Tramp

Price: Starting at $100 per square foot

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