Saturday, January 31, 2015

Love's Liquor

Chocolate whiskey is a gift for us all


We're not going to tell you that you need to drink this hooch on Valentine's Day.

Screw Cupid: the chocolate whiskey from King's County Distillery deserves its own holiday. 

It's deceptively simple, but oh-so-delightful: a hip flask of fine small-batch moonshine from Brooklyn's first legal distillery since Prohibition, infused with the leftover cocoa husks from nearby Mast Brothers Chocolates.

Those chocolates? They're pretty damn good on their own. The Brothers ship their beans in from the Dominican Republic by sailboat, for godsakes. We're talking artisanal to the T.

But back to the whiskey—that rich, cocoa-colored liquor with bitterwseet notes has a subtle back-of-your-mouth sweetness. Like if Count Chocula hooked up with a master mixologist.

So go ahead and order it this very second and have it by Valentine's Day, either to impress your date with some dessert digestif, or just drown single-person sorrows.

Or do as we do and honor Chocolate Whiskey Month, which we just invented and shall celebrate henceforth.

King's County Distillery Chocolate Whiskey

Price: $22 here

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