Sunday, January 25, 2015

Me, Myself and I

Be sweet and selfish at the same time with these Vans sneakers


Valentine's Day gifts are as fleeting as they come.

Flowers wilt. Chocolate melts. Champagne leads to life-questioning hangovers.

You need a gift that lasts. Buy yourself a new pair of Vans.

Hear us out: The new LOVE ME collection features a cool-yet-heartwarming design courtesy of NYC-based artist Curtis Kulig (who takes beautiful, Terry Richardson-ish Polaroids of, among people, an improbably clothed Stoya).

Everywhere you go, you'll proclaim your love for your ladyfriend, or stylishly tell the world that you're totally available.

The shoes come in three classic skate styles: checkered slip-on, low-top lace-up, and even a unisex hi-top.

Yes, that means you could get your lady a pair, too, and hit the town in your matching LOVE ME sneaks.

But for everyone's sake, please, please don't do that.

Vans LOVE ME Collection
Available online and in-stores now

Price: $55-65 here

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