Sunday, February 1, 2015

Major Wagers

The best prop bets for game-day gambling


You know where you're watching the Big Game. You know what you're drinking. But do you know what you're betting on?
The old Super Bowl square game is getting a little square itself, so we recommend a new generation of prop bets to fuel your HarBowl party.
Over/Under: Number of times the Super Bowl is referred to as the Harbaugh Bowl, the Super Baugh, or the HarBowl (2.5)
CBS announcer Jim Nantz isn’t much of a punner, but he is a total sentimentalist. Take the over.

How many times will Jack Harbaugh appear on TV?
His parental anguish will be burnt into your TV's pixels. Whatever the number jumps to, take the over.

Will Jay-Z make an appearance during Beyonce's halftime show?
The president's favorite pop culture power couple likes to do things together. We'd bet on guest verses.

Number of Frank Gore TDs against Ravens vs. number of Lionel Messi goals against Valencia
Sure, the scoring in soccer is unpredictable and everything, but are you really going to bet against somebody who can do this?

Will Alicia Keys forget or omit a word of the national anthem?
It won’t be as bad as your Uncle Robbie, who puzzles over the meaning of “dog’s surly light,” but she’ll probably fudge something. Take the yes.

Over/Under: Number of times Ray Lewis mentions God (or Lord) in his postgame comments (2.5)
Just because the game’s over doesn’t mean you have to stop gambling. Ray-Ray has been on a serious Jesus kick lately, so it’s probably best if you invest in the higher power.

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