Friday, January 30, 2015

Snow Suit

Indochino's Tech Collection suits protect you from the elements


Even when the weather is wet, cold, and miserable, we're still expected to look dapper as ever in the boardroom.

Gentlemen, we can rebuild the business suit. We have the technology.

Introducing Indochino's Ultimate Tech Collection, a water-resistant ensemble that will deliver you from the sidewalk to the executive conference table warm, dry, and unwrinkled.

Indochino's detachable storm flap keeps the elements off your Herm├ęs cravat and warms your torso like one of those big, ungainly puffy coats. (But without any of that puffy coat ungainliness.) The nanotech fibers are coated with a special polymer that repels water and stains like a duck's backside, and keeps everything looking fresh-pressed.

You'll also find a discreet earphone port hidden under the lapel, along with a plastic-lined pocket for your phone or MP3 player. No more fumbling in inclement weather when you need to make calls or switch tracks.

The suits come in a handful of sleek, smart styles and colors. Best of all, you don't even need to hit the tailor because you can measure yourself and order everything custom-made online.

Welcome to a future without puffy coats.

Indochino Ultimate Tech Collection

Price: $500-630

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