Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Coolest Things I Learned Playing an FBI Agent

by Shawn Ashmore


You know him as Iceman from the X-Men movies, but now Shawn Ashmore stars as FBI agent Weston in FOX's new show, The Following, premiering tonight at 9p (8p Central).

Shawn shared with us the coolest and most important things he learned from doing research on the inside.

1) Look the Part: Dress Like a Perp

"While at the FBI's office in LA, I realized that each floor has a dress code. Think of it as urban camouflage. The white collar guys dress like bankers, the gang task force looks like bikers and thugs, and the fugitive recovery guys look like anybody you see walking down the street. Blend in is what I'm saying."

2) Don't Ride the Brake: Drive Fast and Drive Hard

"When these guys swoop in on a criminal, they do it fast and furious. Billy Brown (Agent Riley on our show) just about scared the crap out me the first time he got behind the wheel. Going 50 miles an hour toward the scene of the crime, he was tailgating six inches behind the SUV in front of us. I wasn't wearing my seat belt during the first take, so I could jump out of the truck as fast as possible. Big mistake… I felt like I was going to end up through the windshield. Come to think of it, a spare set of boxers isn't a bad idea."

3) Your "Other" Quickdraw: Cuff 'Em Quick

"Nothing says newb quite like fumbling with your cuffs during a take. Sure they can edit around that kind of thing, but it's that much more badass to cuff someone in under 10 seconds. Practice makes perfect, so see if you can talk your lady into trying something new. Just in case you're wondering: I got my practice on set, not at home!"

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