Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Absinthe City

The best way to get more green into your diet


You told yourself that this year you'd resolve to ingest at least one green thing a day.

No reason that absinthe shouldn't count, right?

But if you're new to pleasures of the Green Fairy, it's a bit daunting to choose a brand. After all, absinthe made many a maudlin Frenchman go insane, and you don't want to choose unwisely.

Order a six-pack sampler from Absinthes.com, however, and you've got a great entreé to the greener pastures of this anise-tinged delight.

It's also perfect as a belated holiday gift. Tell your giftee to hork it all down at once, and he might not even remember that you forgot to get him a present in the first place. 

The Absinthe Explore kits contain 50ml vials of real-deal European hooch based on vintage recipes, like Angélique Verte Suisse (strong and bitter) and La Capricieuse (a mellow bleue, or colorless, variety).

We're not nutritionists or anything, but a green glass a day's got to be as good for you as salad, right?

Some kale chips couldn't hurt, too.

Absinthe Explore Kits

Price: $38-81 here

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