Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Dead Down Under

Run away to beautiful Australia…for zombies


We know that we call ourselves Rundown USA. But hear us out.

Because sometimes something comes across our radar that screams, “Break out the passport — you can’t get this in America.” And that scream is the scream of the undead.

It’s called Patient 0, and it’s based in sunny Melbourne, Australia.
But you’re not crossing the International Date Line just for bad beer and a good tan.

As a new recruit to Grey Area Protection Services, the largest standing private army in the world (or so Patient 0 says), your mission is to clear an abandoned medical research facility of a zombie infestation — recovering the remains of alpha team, extracting research materials, and trying to stay alive.

MMOFPSRPG? No. RLMPFPSRPG. Real Life Multiplayer First-Person Shooter Role Playing Game.

Laser tag technology lets your M4 carbine assault rifle track kills, headshots, body shots, misses, and friendly fire.

Who cares if your Spartan IV is getting annihilated in War Games? This is the ultimate trophy in the trash-talking competition.

Remember, one in the head lets the dead stay dead.

Patient 0
Through December 21, January-February 2013 session to follow
Melbourne, Australia
03 9078 1230

Price: $144-188 individual ($137.50-180 AUD), $864-1130 for a team of 6 ($825-1080 AUD)

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