Monday, January 26, 2015

You've Got Mail

Goldbely brings you our nation's greatest far-flung eats


Once upon a time, when you slathered butter on your toast, it came from the cow back behind your house. But now you can pick up fish sauce hand-crafted on the island of Phú Quoc at any old megamart.

Thanks, globalization. No, really — thank you!

Because without it and the Internet, we'd never get to expand beyond what our forefathers ate. And companies like Goldbely, now bringing regional American eats to any doorstep, wouldn't exist.

Launched last month, Goldbely's allows you to eat Magnolia cupcakes from Manhattan after a steaming plate of Louisiana crawfish, with a side of Carolina biscuits. Dozens of restaurants have signed on board, offering their famous dishes via e-commerce.

It may be too late to get the cheesecake from Brooklyn's famous Junior's in time for Thursday, but you could order a Cajun-spiced turducken from Louisiana's La Boucherie right now, and have it by tomorrow to serve up on Thanksgiving.

If you're craving smoke, snag a few rib slabs from Cincinnati's Montgomery Inn, or a whole mess of Texas brisket from Salt Lick BBQ.

And you can even score one of our personal favorites, Katz's fat-dripping pastrami from New York's Lower East Side, without waiting in its endless line or getting barked at by a guy named Shlomo.

That right there is reason enough to sign up.


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