Sunday, January 25, 2015

Puff Pastry

Le Whaf puts your dinner on a cloud


Back in our dorm days, vaporizers were touted as the healthy way to consume certain herbal refreshments, preferably with Legalize It blasting in the background.

Turns out that you can do the same thing to your dinner with Le Whaf, a bizarre new vehicle for creating a calorie-free, food-flavored cloud.

Peter Tosh optional, but not required.

Developed by Paris-based Le Laboratoire, food futurist Marc Bretillot, and Harvard's mad professor David Edwards — yes, the same guy who developed inhalable caffeineLe Whaf is a large glass carafe that essentially aerosolizes your meal.

The bottom of the carafe contains a device that emits ultrasonic waves, transforming a cupful of, say, beef consommé or dry martini into a redolent, tasty cloud that you suck down with a straw.

No surprise, the idea's caught on with chefs in the modernist cuisine movement, who've put the gadget on backorder. So your dreams of eating bacon-flavored mist might have to wait.

That Tosh album, however, does not.

Le Whaf

Price: 129 € (about $166) here

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