Monday, January 26, 2015

Route Sweet

3 map app alternatives for iOS 6


When Steve Jobs departed for the great beyond, he left behind programmers who decided that people only need turn-by-turn directions to get from Apple HQ to the Cupertino Mall and back.

But for the other 47% of the country that utilizes public transit, bikes, or their own human legs to get from points A to B, here are a few iPhone map alternatives.

NAVIGON MobileNavigator
It's got a hefty price tag, but NAVIGON is the BMW of map apps. Just updated to work with iOS 6 maps, it provides public transit info and a far sexier turn-by-turn GPS, and it even saves the location of your car in case you forgot where you parked.
$25-50 here

Live Street View
While Street View's nice for candid shots of arms dealers and seagull attacks, you sometimes need it for navigating a strange neighborhood. Live Street View's Google imagery is integrated with the compass, so it turns when you do, and displays nearby landmarks to help you get your bearings.
$1 here

After launching in NYC, Embark's done gangbusters with the world's largest public transportation system, since expanding to Boston, Chicago, SF, and other cities. The app offers offline routes from station to station, along with service notifications and reliable departure times.
Free here

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