Sunday, February 1, 2015

Amped Up

Rock's legendary Marshall amp comes home


Our wish: an iPhone-friendly speaker that's small enough for a Brooklyn bedroom, with sound big enough to drown out the downstairs neighbors' yapping Yorkie.

Our wish, granted: The Marshall Hanwell Speaker. Glory be.

The Hanwell's almost a birthday present to itself, as Marshall celebrates the company's 50th anniversary this year with the release of its first home audio speaker.

It's classic Marshall design — which, as luck would have it, pairs nicely with your Marshall amp fridgehoused in a wooden cabinet clad with black vinyl.

Analog knobs on the top control volume, bass, and treble, fine-tuning the dual long-throw woofers and hi-fi tweeters tucked inside this beat-blasting box.

Price is still TBA on this beaut, but it'll sit pretty at the top of our holiday wish list, since it's rumored to be released in November.

Better start working on that Christmas playlist. The whole neighborhood will be judging you.

Marshall Hanwell Speaker

Price: TBA

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