Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Fold Fold Fold Your Boat

Introducing Oru, the confused kayak that thinks it's a briefcase

The biggest problem with boats? Transporting them to your nearest body of water.

Well, also sharks.

But you can fold up that problem and throw it in the trash by simply unfurling the Oru Kayak at your nearest deep blue sea.

Designed by Anton Willis, the Oru is a 20-pound vessel that folds origami-style to the size of a large artist’s portfolio. It’s perfect for the urban canoer — you can even take it on public transportation (with the attached shoulder strap) without annoying anybody.

Check out its Transformer-like moves here.

Made from durable corrugated plastic, the Oru is just as watertight as a traditional solid-body kayak, and takes to the water beautifully. It only takes about five minutes to morph from fully folded to launch-ready.

The Oru isn’t in production yet, so don't expect to hit the harbor this summer. But Willis hopes to bring it to market later this year at a price of around $500.

Shark repellent — unfortunately — not included.

Oru Kayak

Price: TBA

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