Saturday, January 31, 2015

Through the Laces

I'mma let you finish, but Kanye's new Nikes are pretty cool

Kanye West’s flirtations with the world of fashion have had mixed results — former plaything Amber Rose notwithstanding.

But his new Air Yeezy 2 Nike collabs? Nothing but net.

West’s deal with the shoe company has him designing a pair every two years, and after 2009's Air Yeezies sold out in record time, sneaker freaks have been slavering for the sequel.

In the trailer for Robert Rodriguez's The Black Mamba, Ye was spotted wearing a pair of Nikes that shoeheads had never seen before. Speculation started building, and now we have Yeezy 2 confirmation.

Slimmer and more stylish than the Air Yeezy 1, these kicks rest on a Tech Challenge II sole and feature a molded forefoot strap with a luxe hand-skived anaconda side panel.

In other words, Kanye just updated Marty McFly's kicks.

Get them in the all-white “Platinum” look if you’re not worried about scuffing, or in black with pink accents for that post-apocalyptic tea time style.

The Air Yeezy 2 will be available in France first (for all you Gold Diggers who can fly to Paris at a moment's notice) but hit globally on Saturday.

Air Yeezy 2
Available Saturday, June 9

Price: $245

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