Thursday, January 29, 2015

Priority Male

Owen & Fred pledge to make you a new man

Still carrying that ratty wallet from college? Still stowing your gym stuff in a backpack? Still spritzing on CK1?

Consider this your intervention.

And consider Owen & Fred — a veritable one-stop shop of handcrafted goods for discerning males — as the solution to your image problem.

We know, you've heard that pitch before. But trust us, Owen & Fred knows what from classy, and so soon will you.

Show off your newfound good taste with a hearty, utilitarian duffel bag that'll stand up to the elements, no matter if you're more gym rat than mountain man.

And, like any badge-winning Boy Scout, always be prepared with Iacoli & McAllister's design-y brass bottle opener for impromptu hooch.

Now, the bod: The pine, mint and citrus-smelling Alpine Shave Jelly, inspired by Maine woods, will make your skin smooth as a baby's backside. A spritz of Moonshine cologne — with piquant notes of pepper, tobacco, and gin — and you're out the door.

And, with most items under $100, your new, buttery-soft Maxx & Unicorn wallet will stay nice and full.

Look at you, all growed up.

Rundown Reward: Enter code RUNDOWNROCKS for a 10% discount at checkout.

Owen & Fred

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