Saturday, January 31, 2015

Phone It In

Buy a round on your cell with Tweet-a-Beer

It's true: Not only can social media take out regimes in Middle East, it can also get your buddies good and drunk.

Given the etiquette of buying drinks for other people is already complex and mysterious, Web 2.0 lets you bypass hurdles with the push of a button.

Even from the bar bathroom.

You don’t even have to be at the bar to use Tweet-a-Beer, which lets you send your beer money from any corner of the globe (with an Internet connection, that is).

Just select a buddy’s Twitter handle and click to buy a round. Tweet-A-Beer uses mobile payment service Chirpify, which draws $5 out of your PayPal account and into theirs.

If you’ve ever welched on a round at the bar, this is a chance to make it up. It may not be an Arab Spring, but isn’t a free beer the next best thing?

Well, OK, probably not.


Price: $5 per beer

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