Friday, January 30, 2015

Male Order

Bespoke Post puts slick in a box

Remember the days of scammy mail-order clubs? Columbia House promised to send you the best CDs for a penny, but you found yourself paying $18 for the new Creed album.

A price, way, way too steep.

Thankfully, Bespoke Post delivers exactly what it promises: awesome in a box, straight to your door.

Each month, the members-only subscription service delivers an artfully assembled box of essential tools for male living.

Every box is themed and packed with drool-worthy goods, from pocket squares to artisanal salami (two items we'd never leave home without).

Past boxes have included an ultimate whiskey drinker’s kit (complete with hand-blown tumblers) and a travel-in-style set (with a suede mason's bag and an American Airlines Admiral Club pass).

Still in beta, The Post won't hassle you with returns. If you hate the box, you can choose to skip it before it ships, and before you're charged.

Unlike that time with Creed.

Bespoke Post

Price: $45 per month, sign up here

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