Sunday, January 25, 2015

Porking It

We test out Baconlube between some sheets

You might remember April Fools' a few years ago, when the best joke of the day was that men could look forward to a new line of baconized personal lubricants.

Guess what? America didn’t think that was funny. They really wanted the product to exist.

And now it does
— right in time for Valentine’s Day, no less.

A totally vegan, water-based lubricant, Baconlube contains no trace of pork at all. That distinctive smoked meat smell and tingly flavor? It comes from a custom chemical cocktail.

We couldn’t find any prospective sexual partners willing to let the Baconlube into their secret garden — not even on Craigslist so instead we got a massage from a classy spa using the pork-scented product as rubdown oil.

At the end of the session, we felt relaxed and happy, but we also kind of smelled like the grill at a roadside diner.

Naturally, we left a big tip.


Price: $12 here

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