Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Suck on It

Powdered, airborne caffeine is the stuff of manic dreams

Getting your morning fix is losing its appeal.

The disaffected baristas, the rising coffee prices, the middle-aged middle manager ordering a half-caf doppio all-foam skim-soy's all too much.

You simply want to inhale your morning coffee and get on with your day.

Behold the AeroShot, a pocket-sized apparatus designed by mad Harvard scientist David Edwards, whose other inventions include breathable chocolate and a plant-powered air purifier.

In stores in Boston and New York this month and available online now, the lime-flavored AeroShot contains 100mg of caffeine — roughly a cup of coffee's worth — that you shoot into your mouth in powdered form.

Don't worry, you don't actually inhale it.

But Sen. Chuck "Spoilsport" Schumer has already fired off a letter to the FDA, calling the AeroShot a club drug that poses a risk to children and adolescents. (Sign us up? But seriously, kids, stick to sugar binges.)

At the very least, it's a surefire conversation starter with the Olivia Munn lookalike at the other end of the bar.

"Is that... a shotgun shell you're sucking on?"

We'll let you handle it from there.


Price: $3 each

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