Monday, January 26, 2015

Woof Riders

This Norwegian hotel uses dog sleds as taxis


There are plenty of great reasons to get picked up from the airport by a dog sled.

No awkward broken English chitchat with your cabbie.
No cringing when the meter goes up $1 at a traffic light.
Immediate Instagrammable footage.
Well, Kirkenes Snowhotel in Norway will be at your service when you land at Kirkenes Airport, ready with eight Alaskan huskies and a thermal suit to whisk you to your lodgings via the world’s first dog sled taxi. If your flight arrives at night, the northern lights might even greet you.
You’ll get your Iditarod on, racing through the winter wonderland for 45 minutes before arriving at the Snowhotel where your bed is an ice sculpture (with a thermal insulated mattress) and reindeer roam the grounds.
During your stay, you’ll learn to man your own dog sled and take a snowmobile out on the frozen ocean to catch the Red King crab you’ll later devour for lunch.
Bonus: You’ll be able to say you can see Russia from your backyard and actually be right.

Kirkenes Snowhotel Dog Sled Taxi

Price: $385 for dog sled taxi ride, from $410/night for Snowhotel double room

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