Thursday, January 29, 2015

Chill Inn

Your Swedish holiday just got cooler with ICEHOTEL


We've got your Fortress of Solitude right here, 124 miles above the Arctic Circle.

Grab your Supergirl and head to this luxuriously hand-carved see-it-to-believe-it hotel, where sleeping on a block of ice covered in reindeer skins is just one of many future bragging rights.
First of all, just be aware of that if you plan on visiting every year, ICEHOTEL won't recognize you. The Swedish hotel melts every year, and starts from scratch when winter comes as artists carve the cold stuff into individually themed suites.
This year, MINI made a deluxe suite with an in-room sauna that somehow doesn’t melt the ice, a lounge area, and a toilet. There’s a Pole Dancing suite with a full-size polar bear, a Mind the Gap suite where your ice bed is inside a Brit-styled train, and a Northern Lights suite with a badass Aurora Borealis light display.
ICEHOTEL’s got your back when it comes to snoozing in minus temps (and they promise it’ll never be below 19 degrees Fahrenheit). Their handy tip chart says: don thermals, pull hat over ears, slip into sleeping bag and, in the morning, drink hot lingonberry juice before a good sauna session.
By day you’ll go dog sledding, snowmobiling, or learning to sculpt ice like the pros.
When you’re over the cold, the hotel’s got warm accommodations too.
Because we don't think your new Iditarod dogs are really the snuggling types.

Photo by Christopher Hauser, room artists Christine and Natalie Close

Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

Price: $450/night for two people

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