Friday, January 30, 2015

Korea's King of the Hill

If you're brave enough to enter North Korea, you're brave enough to ski this mountain resort


Dennis Rodman tried "basketball diplomacy" in North Korea, but you don't have neon hair, dozens of piercings, and a history with Carmen Electra.
No, what you have are accrued vacation days and an acute observation that it's prime ski season right now.
You also have the courage to enter a totalitarian regime. Which means you have the courage to ski the black diamonds they just built at Masik Pass ski resort, North Korea’s latest mega-project, now open for ski season.
We know what you're thinking. Am I even allowed into the Land of Kim? 
You are if Uri Tours is hooking it up. They'll book everything for your 7-day ski trip in the DPRK: travel from Beijing to Pyongyang, accommodations, meals, lift passes.

So grab some skis (or rent theirs) and go where no skier has gone before. At least not a lot of Korean ones, since the country’s resident ski population is a whopping 0.02%.
Anyway, Masik’s got roughly 68 miles of primary, intermediate and advanced courses plus a heliport, cable cars, and night skiing, if you’re up for it.
With South Korea set to host 2018’s Winter Olympics, Kim Jong Un was not about to be one-upped.
So go on, follow suit. It’ll probably be the most untypical thing you do in 2014. 
Besides that fling with Carmen.

Ski North Korea

Price: From $2,850

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