Sunday, February 1, 2015

Under the Sea

This underwater hotel room might be the coolest place you've ever crashed


The deep blue sea.

Great for swimming. First-rate for snorkeling. Stellar for sleepovers?
Contrary to popular belief, you can now nod off underwater. As long as you’re in this surreal Swedish-made floating island hotel room off the coast of Tanzania, that is.
This ain't Captain Phillips' cabin so much as Aquaman's bachelor pad. Your three-story private villa at the Manta Resort on Pemba Island is floating solo mid-ocean. The nearest terra firma is 250 meters away. 

You’ll have access to a boat, your own kayak, and a personal attendant (or fundi) who will bring your meals three times a day and accommodate any other needs that arise (pro tip: dopamine). 
The penthouse of your aquatic palace is the sky deck, complete with a lounge bed for sun-basking or star-gazing. Below that is your landing deck, right at sea level, where you’ll kick back enjoying the sea breeze, then hop in the water when it’s time for a dip.
Now, on to the good stuff: where you sleep. That'd be with the fishes, under the sea. Something much stronger than your iPad's Gorilla Glass gives you a 360-degree view of the underwater world where you’ll see scores of reef fish, squid swimming past, and the occasional octopus suctioned to your window.
Think of the things you’ll be able to say you did underwater.

The Manta Underwater Room

Price: $750 per person/room/night for double occupancy

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