Monday, January 26, 2015

Hello, Captain

Set sail for The Yacht Week, your adult spring break


You and Spring Break. It’s been a while since you two had a good romp.

Thankfully, somebody invented The Yacht Week, a sailing sea fest where grown-ups go to revisit their college selves, taking spring and summer bookings starting Saturday, November 30.
Your only task: Choose a yacht to charter and a route to travel. 
Pick your crew of 6 or 12 and if you’ve got skippering skills, sail the boat yourself or reserve a captain with your booking. British Virgin Islands is the spot for spring with jaunts to Croatia, Greece, and Italy available for summer. Yachts travel in packs so there’s always a fleet of people gone wild to play with.
Your days will be filled with DJ’d deck parties, your nights with private island fetes. You’ll explore deserted beaches and hidden coves, go to sleep in Tortola and wake in Virgin Gorda. There’ll be night dips, nightcaps, and late-night cavorting with whatshername. If you do it right, it’ll all be a beautiful boozy blur.
Because that’s the stuff spring breaks are made of.

Photo courtesy The Yacht Week

The Yacht Week

Price: From $473/person

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