Friday, January 30, 2015

Go Necking

Richard Branson's new Great House on Necker Island has your name on it


Sir Richard Branson built a legit spaceport and is legit sending people into legit space.

So you better believe the 74-acre isle he built is gonna be pretty legit, too.
Indeed, the newly remodeled Necker Island Great House is more than simply an epic name wrapped by an epic body of pristine blue water. It's an 8-suite manifestation of bliss on the Virgin mogul’s private British Virgin Island.

And they're now taking guests. 
This is the kind of hammock-strewn, panoramic sea view beach mansion that settles bucket lists. In particular, #102A: Pop champagne on the balcony of your master suite and #102B: Pop said bubbly from inside the jacuzzi on that balcony.

Call on resident staff to feed and quench you since sustenance (and alcohol) is unlimited and all-inclusive. Should you desire to leave the Great House, there's a swim-up bar at the Pool Pavilion — a good idea for when she gets that Leha Leha spa treatment.
Adrenaline boosts come in the form of a private zipline that transports you from house to beach and an aqua-trampoline anchored to the ocean floor. Simpler pleasures abound as well. Go snorkeling. Go skinny-dipping. Go snorkeling while skinny-dipping.
Your island, your rules.

Necker Island Great House

Price: From $60,000/night for up to 30 adults

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