Monday, January 26, 2015

World-Class World Cup

Skip the soccer swarm and live the luxe life post-game


You won’t need much for the World Cup in Brazil.

Just a sweet soccer scarf, some acarajé to snack on, and a cold Brahma brew. Oh, and a place to stay.

If you don't already have tickets, you can apply for them again starting Tuesday, November 5. Hotel rooms, though, are another matter. They're nearly sold out all over Rio.
But fret not. The Brazil-based travel company Matueté has your back. They've secured exclusive World Cup Villas for out-of-town futebol fans in search of luxe living at the last minute.
Your Rio villa options are manifold: Penthouses with floor-to-ceiling windows for sea views, pools, private beaches, and nearby helipads — in case, you know, you only travel by copter.

You can have your own chef (who has his own assistant), a personal host to coordinate your liquor runs and make restaurant reservations, plus a waiter and a laundry assistant.
And when you’ve come back hoarse from chanting “Le Le Oh Brazil” at the game, you can call and order up hot tea and a massage.

Matueté Villas
World Cup 2014 

June 12-July 13

Price: Starting at $675 per night; 2-week minimum stay during World Cup.

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