Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Sub Culture

Superyachts are so last season, get yourself a private submarine


You’ve done the whole yacht thing — the bottles of Dom, the sundeck sunsets, the evenings in St. Barths — and it’s fine. Great, even. But it’s not a submarine.

So you should get a submarine. 
Meet the DeepFlight Super Falcon, an underwater, airplane-like manned submersible, brought to you by Hawkes Ocean Technologies and available to order.
Think of it as a fighter jet. That flies through the ocean. And looks like a shark. 
The sub-sea aircraft picks up speed on the water’s surface, then the pilot (you) mans the joystick to nosedive into the deep blue. You’ll cruise in a two- or three-seater sub at a cool 2-6 knots with a maximum thrust of 231 kg. The glass viewing dome is designed to virtually disappear once you’re submerged, so it’s just you and the dolphins.
When you’re ready to go hard, stand the Falcon on its tail and spy-hop out of the water or point the nose straight down and go from zero to 500 feet below in roughly three minutes.
Sir Richard Branson had his DeepFlight Merlin custom built, but if you copped the Falcon, you could safely say your vessel is bigger than his.

Photo credit: Tony Wu

DeepFlight Super Falcon

Price: $1.7 million

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