Monday, January 26, 2015

Yacht Rocks

Celebrate Oktoberfest on the Mediterranean seas


Oktoberfest. You already love it.

Now, trade the land for the seas, Berta in a dirndl for Bethany in a bikini, and you’ve got Sail Croatia’s version of the beer fest. On a yacht. With all-inclusive drinks.
Don your lederhosen for a week-long cruise of the Mediterranean. Whether you’re prolonging Munich’s Oktoberfest bacchanal or you just came to party, party you shall. 
By day, hop out for a dip when the ship stops. By night, party on deck with fully stocked bars and the other under 35s, then pull into port to party some more.

After a blurry boat ride, you’ll dock at salt lakes in Mljet, hit up a 13th century fortress city and go clubbing in a cave — pretty sweet backdrops if you can still see through those beer goggles.
If your 20-40 shipmates aren’t doing it for you, Sail Croatia’s boats link up in ports for even more meeting and mingling. Maybe pick up a first mate, or a second or third.

It's more fun when you rock the boat.

Sail Croatia Post-Oktoberfest Cruise

Price: From $533, plus $15/day for all-inclusive drinks

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