Sunday, February 1, 2015

Houdini? You-Dini

Rift Recon's Art of Escape class


Forgotten birthdays. Botched presentations. You know how to survive these so-called "disasters."

But what about a zombiecalypse or the rise of the apes over Golden Gate Bridge?

There's no app for that. There is only escape.

Learn how to MacGyver your way out of any situation at Art of Escape, Rift Recon’s three-day intensive workshop taught by military contractors and security experts.

You’ll learn how to defend yourself like Rambo, navigate the city in your own commandeered boat, car, or motorcycle, and pick locks.

You know, walking, talking, lethal weapon type of stuff.

Discover how to escape a kidnapping (free yourself from hand cuffs, duct tape, and rope), create a fake ID (just like in high school), and escape pursuit (on foot or in a car) while planning a secure escape route.

This may be the coolest thing you've done yet in your life.

Art of Escape
Thursday-Saturday Mar 27-29
The San Francisco Armory
1800 Mission Street, The Mission

Price: $950 here

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