Monday, January 26, 2015

Victory Lap

Victory Hall & Parlor makes a cozy debut in SoMA


Last week, a waiter in town walked home with a $3,000 tip.

Apparently, the man was "tall" and "nice." Don't worry, we won't tell anyone it was you.

But you're gonna need to lay low to avoid the media glare, which means going to happy hours where you don't pay someone's rent as a thank-you. We recommend soaking in some southern hospitality at Victory Hall & Parlor.

What you'll get for far less than $3K: real Cajun cookin’ courtesy of Little Skillet, who finally expanded their take-out window to sling hash for the massive lounge, as well as put out delicious deviled eggs, burger sliders, and fried oysters.

Because as much as you love FarmerBrown and Little Skillet’s ol' standbys (chicken and waffles, biscuits and gravy), you were missing craft cocktails and beers to accompany your deep fried Cajun vittles.

As you might expect, the cocktail menu salutes worthy legends, pioneers, luminaries, rebels, and renegades. Try Sage Against the Machine (rye, sage, herbsaint, lemon), it'll melt you into your bar stool. Or raise a tincup bourbon, because Derby Days are here to stay.

That is, until someone recognizes you, Mr. Big Tipper.

Victory Hall & Parlor
360 Ritch St. (at Townsend), SOMA
(415) 543-4255

Price: 2 (out of 4)
Noise: 2 (out of 4)
Parking: Metered street.
Scene: Down-to-earth crowd looking for a late night bite and a cool hangout to watch the game.
Best bets: Sip "pioneer" cocktails Viva Revolution and Bittersweet Victory before you inhale deviled eggs, burger sliders, and blackened fries.
Southern charm: The spacious lounge includes exposed brick walls and a lovely, industrial bar. You can even reserve the back parlor for parties or special events.
Nearby: District;
Twenty Five Lusk; Alchemist Bar

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