Friday, January 30, 2015

Knead to Know

Bernal Heights welcomes PizzaHacker to the mountaintop


Once, long ago, there was a wanderer.

His name was Jeff Krupman. He left his native land of Ohio to a fantastical city called San Francisco.

The man made pizzas, but they were not your tired, standard large pies with extra cheese, cardboard crust, and tomatoey paste.

Oh, no. Krupman's passion for pizza led the nomad to create magical pies with extra creamy Buffalo Mozzarella, crispy-outside-and-chewy-inside crust from naturally leavened dough like the famed bakers at Tartine Bakery, and heirloom early girl tomatoes.

As he doggedly rambled the streets of the Mission with his trusty FrankenWeber, news of the pie man’s creations spread. His following became legion as he was spoken of in whispers and tweets.

But lo, his weary nomadic days are no more!

The determined vagabond has come home to Bernal Mountain, where PizzaHacker has found a permanent tavern to serve his mythical pies.

His quest is finished. Tomorrow evening, follow the line of pilgrims to taste the miracle for yourself.

Or just follow the scent of alderwood smoked salt, olive oil, herbs, chilies, and a farm egg-topped arugula pie.

3299 Mission Street (29th St.), Bernal Heights

Price: 2 (out of 4)
Noise: 2 (out of 4)
Parking: Metered street
: Bernal Heights locals and hardcore PizzaHacker devotees
Best bets: Keep it simple with the Top Shelf Margherita, or walk on the wild side with the Get a Room or Crowd Pleaser.
In the vault: Housed in an old bank building with high ceilings and skylights, the white columns have the original bank seals (American Trust Company). A green chalkboard wall, concrete bar, and twinkly lights add a laid-back charm.
Nearby: El Rio; Rock Bar; Holy Water

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