Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Roll Models

Tim and Erin Archuleta on their new ICHI Sushi + NI Bar


We don't need to tell you ICHI Sushi + NI Bar is coming to the Mission.

Thanks to an expanded hot menu with an emphasis on Japanese bar food (including their popular sushi), husband-and-wife team Tim and Erin Archuleta are opening one of 2014's most anticipated new restaurants. And in their former sushi space in Bernal Heights, they’ll open ICHI’s Oyster Bar.

We got a minute with Tim and Erin to learn just how they roll.

What’s your favorite dish coming to ICHI Sushi?
Erin: The Shiso Pesto Somen Noodle Salad — I have Tim make it every year for my birthday.
Tim: I’m excited about my new Yakitori Grill, so I’d have to say grilled items debuting at our new location.

What’s one thing we should know about eating sushi?
Tim: A lot of time sushi can be eaten the way it’s served. It doesn’t need extra wasabi or soy sauce. If a chef has seasoned it, it can just be popped in your mouth. 
Erin: To try different Nigiri than you’ve had before. If you like salmon, you might really like Umi Masu (Ocean Trout), or if you like yellow tail, you might really like Kanpachi (Hawaiian Amberjack).

Best late night bite or bar in the Mission to relax with industry pals after work?
For late night eats, Lolinda is always great. You can’t beat their ceviche and sweetbreads with a cocktail. Right after work, we can often be found at Rock Bar, they have a seasonal cocktail menu and are always trying new spirits out. We’re also really excited to have PizzaHacker in the neighborhood.

How did you meet?
Erin: We met at a karaoke birthday party at the old Annie’s Social Club on Boardman Place. I still have the matchbook from that night. Tim was singing “Total Eclipse of the Heart.” He had the advantage though, he had worked at a karaoke sushi bar!

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