Sunday, February 1, 2015

Up the Ante

Top 5 ways to blow your holiday bonus


You’ve worked hard all year (well, mostly) and the boss man finally rewarded your efforts.

Before the Tax Man taketh, treat yourself with a bonus blow-out.

From cruising in your own yacht to throwing spirals at Montana, here are the top 5 uses in town for that wad of cash you call a pocket.

Poppin' Bottles (Because You're Not Into The Sparkly Kind)
Book a night at the Meadowood Resort, dine in the three-Michelin-starred restaurant, or play a round of golf. Enjoy a tasting or get a membership at Napa Valley Reserve, the private club at Meadowood. Yeah, it's by invitation only, but work your network, you're a shoo-in.
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Sharp Threads (Because You're Beyond Cotton-Blends)
Union Square is heating up with new European designers (Valentino, Alexander McQueen, and Saint Laurent) and a brand spanking new Brooks Brothers flagship store. You’ll dress the part in a new suit or merely restock your winter wardrobe.
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Penthouse Suite (Because White-Gloved Room Service)
Spend the night on Nob Hill in this utterly glam neoclassical landmark where even Madonna has slumbered. Book the presidential suite, get an in-room hot stone massage, or ring room service for a bottle.
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You're on a Boat (Because Everything Should Be in Flippy Floppies)
Charter a yacht. That’s right. You could spend a week aboard your own luxury 120-foot yacht cruising the Pacific Northwest. With a hot tub. And jet skis. And 80 of your closest friends. Landlubbers need not apply.
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Show Off Your Arm (Because Colin Kaepernick's Got Nothing on You)
You played catch with your dad, and sure, that was a really great memory you'll treasure forever. But now you can play catch with Joe Montana. Hell, you can even call Joe Montana "Dad" if you really, really want. It's your bonus, spend it how you want! Best part of all: a portion of your bucket list splurge goes to charity. Dad and "Dad" will both be so proud.
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