Sunday, January 25, 2015

Off the Rails

Dogpatch gets a classic neighborhood bar that's just the ticket


We all loved trains when we were kids.

Of course, we had no idea what BART was, but that's just called childhood bliss. And that bliss is back in adult form thanks to Dogpatch’s new neighborhood bar, Third Rail.

Steam powered by the owners of Range, and Paxton Gate, has designed a bar with art deco flourishes straight out of classic train depots (think Union Station in L.A.).
Join the other passengers for swoon-worthy craft cocktails, and, wait for it...jerky. That’s right. Only the greatest food ever conceived by man. You’ll be able to purchase housemade jerky by the ounce, just like at an old-fashioned candy shop.

This isn’t your everyday convenience store jerky from a shelf, it's made at Range. They've even got coffee-spiced jerky as a nod to their coffee-rubbed pork shoulder dish.
As for those drinks, allow the brakeman to break it down for you, as everything here's super simple. Two wines on tap (red and white). Four local beers, including one from Magnolia Brewery. And four cocktail categories: spirituous, aperitif, seasonal, and citrus.

If you're picking one to get started, make it the Ol’ 55 (Laird’s Applejack, Oloroso sherry, Amaro Nonino, and orange bitters).
Late-night Dogpatch line service begins tomorrow night. Just no drinking while conducting, please.

Third Rail
628 20th Street, Dogpatch
(415) 252-7966

Price: 2 (out of 4)
Noise: 2 (out of 4)
Parking: Metered street
Scene: Thirsty barflys and weary hobos who like to chew the fat.
Best bets: Third Rail, Double Date, and Chesire Cat cocktails
Bells and whistles: Custom designed bar by Paxton Gate includes a vintage French train station clock, mid-century furniture, and art deco motifs inspired by the Golden Gate Bridge.
Nearby: Piccino; Gilberth's; Hard Knox Cafe

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