Monday, January 26, 2015

Grand Gestures

Our top 5 picks for gifts sure to impress her Mom and Dad


You got invited to her parents’ house for Thanksgiving dinner. “Don’t bring anything,” she says. “We’re just happy you’ll be there.”
But you know better.
Show her family that your excellent taste extends beyond the selection of their daughter to gourmet gifts you sourced from San Francisco’s top 5 culinary gems.

5. Bacon Crack
What dad doesn’t love bacon? Arrive with a box of Bacon Crack and you’ll earn your seat at the table. The tempting butter-toffee treats are mixed with real bacon pieces and almonds, and then hand-dipped in dark chocolate for a rich finish. They’re exclusively available via the Nosh This website.
$14 for box of 4 chocolates. 

Recchiuti Confections
Are her parents vegetarians? Kosher? Recovering meth addicts? Then swap that chocolate-covered Bacon Crack for sophisticated pairings from Recchiuti Confections. Each box of nine gorgeous chocolates comes wrapped with tasting notes and suggestions for the ideal whiskey or wine to pair with every piece.
$26 for red wine or whiskey pairing collection. One Ferry Building, Shop #30 Embarcadero (415-834-9494). 

3. Gift Box from La Cocina
Show your socially conscious side with a gift box from La Cocina, San Francisco’s incubator kitchen for low-income food entrepreneurs. Available in several sizes, these great gifts gather the latest creations by standout female and minority-owned start-ups, including Irish shortbread squares and South American treats.
Cooks box $50; Fruit & Nut box $45; So Sweet box $35. (415-729-4565).

2. S&S Brand
One way to earn her dad's respect is by proving your grilling IQ. There's no easier way to earn street cred than delivering S&S spice rubs and barbeque sauces. That, and always going charcoal over propane. Their St. Louis-Style BBQ Sauce kicks up the heat, while the Spice Rub Combo Pack samples seven popular flavors.
BBQ sauce $8; BBQ spice rub $7; Spice rub combo pack $44.

1. Gift a Feast
Go pro with Gift a Feast, which packages artisan savories, sweets and teas from local purveyors (look at you, supporting the community!). Click on a gift collection, pick a wrapping paper, and type up your sentiments. The company handwrites your card and ships it perfectly wrapped (look at your perfect penmanship!)
Feast for toffee lovers $60; Feast of spicy chocolate $50; Feast of holiday treats $75. (800-453-6768).

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