Monday, January 26, 2015

Inside Man

Interior designer Lauren Geremia offers expert design tips


Men don't "decorate."

It's more a hunter/gatherer approach of finding cool stuff, then securing it, which is really just an excuse to ask your cute next-door neighbor to come over and help you "eyeball" it.

Some expert direction is always appreciated, so we asked rising star 
Lauren Geremia whose innovative approach can be seen locally in the Castro's Beaux, plus the upcoming Hogwash beer bar, and a Mission ramen spot next year for ingenious design tips for your digs. 
Quick and easy decorating tip for a guy’s apartment?

If you want a quick update that has an impact, paint your moulding black. It gives the space a masculine feel, and makes a big difference.

What defines California cool in design today?
Having a mix of eclectic pieces is important. People value good style, but that doesn't need to mean expensive furniture. It just means making things work reusing furniture, reinventing, and mixing old with new. You can still create a narrative or common theme for the space through color or textiles.

You’re inspired by fine art and like to design around it. Where do you shop for new pieces?
Art is the best investment you can make, and you can start collecting at the local level. Creative Growth in Oakland has great, affordable pieces and provides studio and gallery space for adult artists with disabilities.

If you could redesign any space in SF:
I'd love to design a restaurant on Treasure Island. With the new bike path over the bridge from the East Bay, fantastic views of SF, and the huge potential of the old military buildings, it could become a destination and fun place to have a cocktail.

It’s Christmukkah time, any suggestions for the gift list?
I plan to give away these thin clay votives I designed that give off a really warm glow. Otherwise, I love to give a good Japanese whisky.

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