Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Bad Prom Run makes its SF debut


Who in their right mind would want to travel back to the days of senior high formals in crowded gymnasiums, complete with awkward slow-dancing and stringent rules on alcohol consumption?
We’re going to assume that question is rhetorical. Because the answer really should be “Everyone.”
Don your best tuxedo T-shirt for the Bad Prom Run, a Throwback Thursday of a 5K Friday at Candlestick Park.
You’re already somewhat familiar with the format. Form your team. Secure your tickets. Throw together the wackiest formal wear this side of a Baz Luhrmann flick and run like the dickens through a world of props, lights, and “Under the Sea” themed décor.
It’s essentially what your prom would have been like if only the track and field team had shown up. Also, if the prom committee had a twisted sense of humor.
And just like your real prom, things will devolve into a blurry party haze before the end of the night. A live DJ will be playing nostalgic anthems of prom themes past, so make sure your cross trainers double as dancing shoes.
Bonus: Nobody’s mom is in the corner keeping an eye on things. Go on, it’s safe to spike the punch bowl.

Bad Prom Run at Candlestick Park
Friday, Nov 15
490 Jamestown Ave., Bayview
Tickets: Individuals $47, teams $42 per member
Nearby: Radio Africa & Kitchen; Speakeasy Ales & Lagers; Smokin’ Warehouse Barbecue

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